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Commercial Storage for Small Businesses

Small businesses are just that: small. While this by no means reduces your ability to pursue your mission and delight your customers, it does mean you probably have limited space for equipment, supplies, and tools of the trade. The good news is that there's a perfect solution: self storage for small businesses.

What is Self Storage for Small Businesses?

Self storage for small businesses is similar to storage for individual parties. You get your own unit, gate entry code, and 24/7 access. You don't even need special documentation--just a valid driver's license, state ID, or passport will do.The only real difference is in how you choose to use your unit. Small businesses often know how to utilize space effectively and creatively, which means you have all the experience you need to organize, structure, and leverage your unit in ways that work.

While an individual party might use their unit for everyday storage or as extra space during a move, you have a somewhat wider range of options, including:

  • Growth: Small businesses don't have to stay small forever. A self storage unit gives you a little extra space when you need to focus on expanding your operations.
  • Moving locations: Moving from one building to another? Move mission-critical items first and keep the rest in your self storage unit while you get organized in the new location.
  • Seasonal shifts: Many small businesses like to connect with the community by getting into the seasonal spirit. As holidays change, your self storage unit becomes the perfect spot for all that decor.
  • Free up additional workspace: If you have a cramped office space or other work area, you might use a self storage unit to give you some breathing room.
  • File storage: Although plenty of small businesses are on the journey toward digitization, you probably still have physical files hanging around. Self storage helps you get them out of the way without loss or destruction.
  • Shipping: If you ship anything anywhere, self storage is a great solution. It cuts out extra steps and helps you move things more quickly.

Benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses

Self storage is a big deal for small businesses. The benefits include:


Our lease options are month-to-month, which means self storage can be just the solution you need--whether temporary or permanent. We'll also work with you to choose the right unit size so you're paying for exactly what you need.


You shouldn't have to pay for another building or location just because you don't have room in your small business. Instead, skip the headaches and choose an affordable, reliable self storage unit.


You might have 24/7 access, but the "bad guys" don't. Our facility is protected by a coded gate and secure fences--plus, to protect your stuff itself, we have temperature-controlled unit options.


No matter where business takes you in the Treasure Valley, you'll have easy access to your self storage unit. That's because we're conveniently located just outside the heart of downtown Boise.

Self Storage for Every Business

No matter what business you're in, self storage is the perfect solution for your company. But don't take our word for it--check out these examples from hugely different industries:


When it comes to retail, storage for small businesses is a must. These companies need room to store extra products, create and apply labels or packaging, manage shipping, and more. Plus, there's always room to buy extra products to help prepare for big events like the holiday shopping season.


Construction comes with a lot of tools and materials. If employees don't want to leave these items in their garages, trailers, or trucks, there's a better alternative: self storage. With temperature-controlled units, items are safe from mold and rust.

Food service

Restaurants, caterers, food trucks--these types of small businesses have a lot of moving parts. A self storage unit gives them the breathing room they need to maneuver boxes of non-perishable goods and equipment--and that's especially helpful in a fast-moving, high-demand industry.

Get Started With Self Storage for Small Businesses

If you're ready to say goodbye to cramped space, self storage is the perfect solution for you. At Barber Valley Self Storage, we know how to help you choose the perfect terms and unit size--that way, you'll get a solution that works for you.

Contact us to get started with self storage for your small business!